EMERGE.NOW Gathering


EMERGE.NOW is a gathering, by invitation, of grassroots activists, creative thinkers, and leaders from innovative humanitarian organizations, indigenous communities, and the frontlines of failing political and economic systems. EMERGE.NOW is a platform to connect, face-to-face, and to form a group of explorers, to discover the 'adjacent possible' solutions that takes us beyond injustice and inequality. EMERGE.NOW is an opportunity to open up a solution space for inventive discovery to take place.

Distinguishing EMERGE.NOW from other gatherings today is the opportunity to discover the stepping stones shrouded in the mist that we cannot see unless we have a new way of searching.  The EMERGE.NOW process, based in Complexity science and facilitated by the Center for Emergent Diplomacy, ignites that search and the collaboration of diverse group to take the conversation from single issue band-aid responses to scalable transformative action.

It’s sane and natural to break complex problems into their simplest components.  But we, as a species, no longer have this luxury. Complexity science—informed and inspired by traditional indigenous modes of thinking and visioning—provides a rigorous platform for making new connections and breaking disciplinary silos.  This holistic orientation is the core value proposition of the EMERGE.NOW gathering.

EMERGE.NOW is a movement building event.  Invitees are successful social change makers. If you are interested in supporting this program or learning more, please contact us.